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In this feed, we share our research, reports and resources. Our team of researchers and analysts produce data-driven analyses and offer solutions that inform policy and support the efforts of our members to challenge powerful interests and policymakers.

Policy Brief: A Call for a California Community Reinvestment Act

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Bridging the Digital Divide: An Action Plan for Financial Institutions

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Whose Paycheck Are We Protecting?

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HMDA Analysis: Charting Lending Patterns in California Communities

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Impact Report: Building a New Generation of BIPOC-Led CDFIs

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Year 1 Report | Economic Wellness Promotoras Program

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Pre-Existing Conditions: Assessing the Financial Services Response to Racism, Inequality, and COVID-19

Given the financial sector’s history of systemic exclusion and discrimination, the San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment (OFE) and the California Reinvestment Coalition (CRC) worked together to analyze banking relief that is currently being made available to consumers and borrowers, identify gaps and best practices, and outline recommendations for financial institutions and policy makers on…
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Here to Stay: Promoting Financial Security and Economic Opportunity for Immigrants in California

Our findings show that most immigrant consumers distrust traditional banks because they feel unwelcomed, and regularly face discrimination by banks. Similarly, many immigrant families shared that they want to build assets, but they do not have access to safe, affordable financial resources. Most people we interviewed said that banks should invest in ensuring the financial well-being…
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Disrupting Displacement Financing in Oakland and Beyond

In conjunction with the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, we explore how banks are behind the financing of serial evictors in Oakland. Download the Report→

Examining California Courts’ Use of Private Debt Collectors

An examination of how California counties contract private debt collectors to collect on fines and fees debt, spiraling people into poverty, while generating little revenue. Download the Report→

Harnessing the Power of Banks: The Community Reinvestment Act and Building an Inclusive Economy

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) is a critical law that ensures banks meet the credit needs of their communities; this report investigates the impact of CRA in California. Download the Report→

Hiding in Plain Sight: How Rhetoric and Policies are Hurting California’s Immigrant Communities and Families

This report is based on a survey of CRC members about the changes they had seen in their communities as a result of anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies at the federal level. You can read coverage of the report in LA Weekly. Read the Report→

Displacement, Discrimination and Determination: Results from a Statewide Survey in California

This report is based on a survey of our members who serve small business owners about the challenges they are experiencing, especially as it relates to financing for their businesses. The report was featured in a KQED story that you can listen to by clicking here. Download the Report→

Building Trust, Easing Access, Overcoming Barriers: Improving Delivery of Cash Aid to Low-Income Families

Low-income families that receive public benefits often rely on ATMs to get the cash aid they are entitled to but costly ATM fees reduce the amount they receive. CRC works to break down barriers for families receiving public assistance. Download the Report→

We Don’t Need to Be Charged for Being Poor: The Cost to Families of Paying Fees to Access Public Assistance.

(May 2015) A new survey of people who pay fees to use state-issued Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards for public assistance such as CalWORKs and General Assistance. The survey quotes the experiences of aid recipients including the impact of paying fees on their ability to make ends meet. It follows a previous report that found…
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CRC Fact Sheet: CFPB Complaints about OneWest Bank

(July 2017) This fact sheet outlines the types of complaints made to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau about OneWest Bank.

CRC Fact Sheet: Joseph Otting’s Track Record at OneWest Bank

(July 2017) This fact sheet outlines the many “legacy problems” at OneWest Bank that occurred during Joseph Otting’s tenure.

How Banks Sell Overdraft

(July 2014) Results of Overdraft Mystery Shopping in Four Key States. Overdraft, sometimes referred to as “courtesy overdraft,” can be a debt trap that causes great financial hardship for lower income customers, and pushes many out of the banking system.  

Chasm between Words and Deeds vol.10

(May 2014) How Ongoing Mortgage Servicing Problems Hurt California Homeowners and Hardest-Hit Communities

The $19 Million ATM Fee

(March 2014) How Better Banking Services Would Protect Our Public Investment in Families

Small Business Access to Credit

(December 2013) The Little Engine that Could: If Banks Helped


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