Marisabel Torres

Marisabel Torres.

CRC has a brief conversation with Marisabel Torres, a member of our recently launched Racial and Economic Justice Cohort. The cohort creates a space for relationship building, personal development, and organizational development through a racial justice lens for CRC members.

Name and organization:

Marisabel Torres, Director of California Policy, Center for Responsible Lending.

What does showing up for racial justice mean to you?

To me, showing up for racial justice means that I am putting into practice my belief that everyone has a role to play in the fight for equality and economic equity. It means I am working every day, in both my professional work and in my private life, to build a society that is anti-racist. It means the policies I fight for will dismantle the systems that work to perpetuate inequities, and that we know make it almost impossible for Black people and people of color to build and transfer generational wealth in this country.

How has engaging in CRC’s R&EJ Cohort supported your work?

I feel so fortunate to be in this cohort at this time in our fight for racial and economic justice. It truly feels like divine timing. I have a new network of amazing peers to help reflect on the ways in which we approach our work. I am able to engage in discussions about policies that center race unapologetically. And (CRC’s Racial Justice Training and Organizing Manager)Teshone (Jones) is a gifted instructor!

If you are interested in joining our 2022 cohort, reach out to