CRC has a brief conversation with Crissy Vo-Khuong, a member of our recently launched Racial and Economic Justice Cohort. The cohort creates a space for relationship building, personal development, and organizational development through a racial justice lens for CRC members.

Name and Organization: 
Crissy Vo-Khuong, Equity Impact Specialist at Capital Impact Partners.

What does showing up for racial justice mean to you?
Racial justice, economic justice, health justice, environmental justice — it is all the same. I think that none of us have a choice to show up or not; all of this is connected and all are imperative issues of our time, which means we will be required to show up in one way or another. By force due to the depletion and decomposition of systems that will succumb to societal and environmental degradation or by free will with our faith before us and our hearts committed to each other’s liberation because we belong to each other.

How has engaging in CRC’s R&EJ Cohort supported your work?
I am learning about how my organization’s lending capacity is limited due to systems-level issues around banking, and standards and practices. I am also learning why equitable data and racial equity are important, as well as all the different angles that the fight for economic justice and racial equity requires. The attack must be simultaneous — from a systems level, organizational level, and from a deeply personal and spiritual level.

This cohort and training have been a great gift.

If you are interested in joining our 2022 cohort, reach out to