Upon hearing news that Steve Mnuchin’s Senate Finance Committee vote has been delayed until tomorrow
morning, Paulina Gonzalez, executive director of the California Reinvestment Coalition released this statement
“We applaud the Senate Dems for standing up for working families who were harmed by Mr. Mnuchin’s
foreclosure machine. However, there’s still a lot of information senators don’t know about Steve Mnuchin. For
example, the Ohio Times Dispatch published a startling report this weekend concluding that OneWest did robosign
documents, which is the opposite of what Mr. Mnuchin claimed in his hearing and in his written responses
to senators. The more that comes out about Steve Mnuchin, the more concerned senators and their constituents
should be.”
Eight Questions for Steve Mnuchin
1. Have you read Erica Johnson Seck’s deposition taken in July 2009 (She was a “Vice President” at OneWest)
where she admitted to signing 750 documents a week? How does that square with your claim of not robosigning
at OneWest?
2. Do you have any reaction to her deposition?

3. Can you offer any definitive evidence that OneWest did not robo-sign in all the states where it serviced
4. Do you have any response to the “evidence of widespread misconduct” at your bank, raised in a 2013 memo
by attorneys in the California Attorney General’s office?
5. How many foreclosures did OneWest conduct in each state vs. how many sustainable modifications were
completed in each state?
6. Seniors report that Financial Freedom is using “non-occupancy” as a pretense for foreclosing on them- even
when they’re living in their home. Do you have any knowledge of this problem and what steps Financial
Freedom may have taken (if any) to stop this practice?
7. You’ve professed what appears to be a new found concern for foreclosures against seniors.
Prior to the letter you cited from 2015, did you make any efforts or attempts to work with HUD in between the
time you bought OneWest in March 2009 until the 2015 letter you cited, to address problems related to
foreclosing on seniors, including so-called “widow foreclosures?”
8. Do you know how many repayment plans Financial Freedom offered to seniors prior to 2015 vs. instead
moving to foreclose on them?