In response to Senate Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee boycotting a vote on Mr. Mnuchin’s
nomination until he provides truthful answers, Paulina Gonzalez, executive director of the California
Reinvestment Coalition released this statement:

“Steve Mnuchin has shown a penchant for “alternative facts” when it comes to his his reign as the
ForeclosureKing at OneWest Bank.

He lied directly to senators during his hearing, he lied in his written follow-up answers, and he lied yet again to
Senator Bob Casey when he was pressed on his written follow up answers.

The truth is that Mr. Mnuchin ran a foreclosure machine that robo-signed important legal documents, that lost
people’s paperwork and then foreclosed on them, and that left a wake of settlements, lawsuits, ongoing
investigations, and financial heartaches for tens of thousands of people across the country.

We applaud the Senate Democrats who stood up for the truth today, demanding that Mr. Mnuchin provide full,
honest, and complete answers about his track record before they vote on his nomination.

Steve Mnuchin is clearly willing to lie about his record before he even has this job, and Senate Republicans are ow in an awkward position of having to defend his lies and their potential votes for him. The “alternative facts”
strategy that Mr. Mnuchin has employed doesn’t work given the mountain of evidence that clearly contradicts
what he’s told Senators.”