APRIL 6, 2016-Los Angeles— The California Reinvestment Coalition announced today they have negotiated a
Community Reinvestment Plan with BBCN and Wilshire banks as part of their merger, providing $8.1 billion of
loans, investments and financial services in historically marginalized communities across the bank’s branch
footprint in California. The plan, developed in partnership with the bank and local community-based
organizations, sets public goals for reinvestment in low and moderate income communities and communities of
color totaling 10% of the bank’s statewide deposits in 2017, increasing to 12% by 2021, and 15% by 2025. Over
a ten year period, this amounts to at least $8.1 billion worth of reinvestment activity.
Paulina Gonzalez, executive director of the California Reinvestment Coalition, whose members advocated
with the banks to increase their commitment as part of their merger, explains: “This plan shows what can be
accomplished when banks work with organizations that advocate in the best interest of low income communities
and communities of color, and are willing to stretch in their reinvestment goals like BBCN and Wilshire Bank
did. BBCN and Wilshire Bank join City National, Banc of California, and Mechanics Bank in making
meaningful commitments to meet the needs of the communities they do business in. We hope the new leadership
at CIT Group takes notice and sees the benefits of working with local communities, instead of against them.”

Hyepin Im, president of Korean Churches for Community Development, adds: “We appreciate the two bank’s
continued commitment and leadership to serving the underserved communities. Every day we see low-income
families here in Los Angeles who are being affected by the affordable housing crisis. We appreciate the bank’s
commitment to addressing this crisis through investments in community development, and exploring financing
for affordable rental housing and safe and affordable mortgages for low income Californians.”
Rick Kim, economic development services manager at Korean Youth Community Center, comments: “The
banks’ philanthropic commitment in the new plan will be very helpful to support local nonprofits who work with
families to help them grow and sustain their income and assets. The bank’s philanthropy will help build financial
capacity for low income households, support mortgage counseling, and technical assistance programs for local
small businesses. All of this is so important for our communities.”
Namoch Sokhom, director of Business Development Center (BDC) at Pacific Asian Consortium in
Employment (PACE), says: “This plan is a reflection of the banks working with local communities to craft a
commitment that reflects local needs. The Loan Loss Reserve fund in the commitment will help local, missionled,
nonprofit loan funds leverage federal funds including SBA Microloan and CDFI funds to serve the credit
needs of the smallest and most vulnerable local small businesses.”
Sherri Jackson, president of the Multicultural Real Estate Alliance for Urban Change, adds: “This plan is a
strong testament to BBCN and Wilshire’s commitment to Los Angeles communities and its role in helping to
grow LA’s economy, especially in neighborhoods that haven’t been historically well-served by banks. We look
forward to seeing BBCN and Wilshire Bank’s reinvestment work in the coming years.”
Highlights of the new plan include:
• Philanthropy: Beginning in 2017, the bank’s goal for philanthropic contributions will be equal to 1% of its net
income after taxes for the preceding year. In 2018, 35% of this philanthropic commitment will go towards CRA
qualified programs; by 2020, 50% will go to CRA qualified programs.
• Community Development: .25% of California deposits will be dedicated to community development
investments, including affordable housing development, small business lending, and equity equivalents to
CDFIs, CDCs, and in TOD projects.
• Small Business Lending: Starting in 2018, the bank’s goal is for at least half of the bank’s CRA qualified small
business loans will be made to businesses with annual revenues of less than $1 million, or loans less than
$150,000. Additional goals include investments in CDFI’s, participating in small business referral programs, and
exploring other programs, like the state’s Small Business Loan Guarantee Program.
• Supplier Diversity: Within 18 months of the merger, the bank intends to develop a formalized corporate
supplier diversity program.
• Consumer Accounts: The bank will promote BBCN’s basic checking that doesn’t allow overdraft at point of
sale or ATMs, and will also offer Wilshire Bank’s Rainbow Savings account to encourage first time savers.
• Annual Meetings: The bank will hold annual meetings to review its CRA commitment and progress, and the
CEO of the bank will attend.
• Affordable Housing: The bank will explore additional options to invest in affordable housing, including
mortgages for low-income consumers; a lending program to support nonprofit affordable housing developers,
and investments in transit-oriented developments.