September 18, 2020

Press Contact: Fermin Vasquez

(213) 924-7661 


California Reinvestment Coalition Applauds Governor Newsom for Extending Tax Credit to Immigrant Workers

As COVID19 Economic Impacts Devastate Immigrant Workers, and Excludes them from Federal Relief, Earned Income Tax Credit is a Lifeline


Sacramento, CA– At a time when working families are facing devastating economic impacts from the COVID19 pandemic, and immediate relief is needed, Governor Newsom signed AB1876, extending the earned income tax credit to 600,000 immigrant workers. Many undocumented immigrant workers who pay their taxes every year using an ITIN tax number instead of a social security number, will now be eligible for the California Earned Income Tax Credit (CalEITC). The signing of this bill comes at a time when foreign born Latinos are facing almost a 14% unemployment rate as of June of this year and were ineligible for the federal COVID relief stimulus checks that were part of the federal CARES Act, and most “mixed status” households containing both SSN and ITIN filers were excluded from receiving stimulus payments, including U.S. citizen spouses and children. 


The California Reinvestment Coalition(CRC), in collaboration with a broader coalition of immigrant rights groups, small business owners, and civil rights groups, and CRC’s Here to Stay leaders worked for over three years on this campaign.


“Including undocumented immigrant workers in benefitting from the California Earned Income Tax Credit not only speaks to a true California for All, but gives a real economic boost to working families who have been hit hardest by the economic impacts of COVID19. It pays them back for their contributions to our economy, which includes over $3 billion in state taxes to California every year. The Governor’s signing of AB1876 says you matter, you are one of us, and we are in this together,” said Paulina Gonzalez-Brito, Executive Director of the California Reinvestment Coalition.


“I’ve been living in San Francisco for many years, my wife and my daughter were born here. I’ve been paying my taxes, but like many hardworking immigrants we’ve been left out of most economic benefits. Today the Governor did the right thing for those of us who work hard and contribute to this state. Today I feel included. I feel seen.” Abraham, San Francisco resident and Here to Stay leader.