Big Banks Profit from White Supremacy. They Should Return PPP Fees to Black and Latino Communities

Next City Op-ED The solutions we propose include banks embracing reparations for the Black community, stopping all foreclosures and evictions, suspending loan repayments, and committing to not financing displacement of communities of color.

The High-Finance Mogul in Charge of Our Economic Recovery

THE NEW YORKER   “Instead of working with people to modify loans, OneWest was running a foreclosure machine,” Paulina Gonzalez

Harris Announces RELIEF Act to Keep Americans in their Homes Throughout COVID-19 Pandemic


“We thank Senator Harris for taking these important steps,” said Kevin Stein, Deputy Director, California Reinvestment Coalition.”

California Bill to Establish Nation’s Second Public Bank Applauded as ‘Historic Challenge to Wall Street Domination’

Paulina Gonzalez-Brito, executive director of the California Reinvestment Coalition, called AB 310 a “game-changer” in the movement to usher in a more just economic system.

Bill would create California public bank


The California Reinvestment Coalition, which supports the bill, called it “a game changer” that would “right the history or redlining in communities of color and the inherent structural racism in the current banking system.”

OCC CRA Final Rule – Opposition from Consumer Advocacy Groups and Congress


On May 21, 2020, the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (“NCRC”), the California Reinvestment Coalition (“CRC”), and Democracy Now announced their intent to sue the OCC…

New U.S. Regulator Races to Remake Banking in Fintech Image


“It seems like the history of Brian Brooks is protecting the interests of banks and protecting the banks from scrutiny, and now we’re seeing that same interest and those same types of priorities at the OCC,” Gonzalez-Brito said.

Bank Regulations Can Be Tools of Oppression, Too


In 2014, when OneWest announced a merger with CIT Bank, community leaders pressured OneWest over its weak community lending efforts (“They mostly foreclosed on people,” one activist told me at the time.) Otting was so apoplectic about this threat to the merger that he solicited his Wall Street pals to help with a fake grassroots support campaign, and placed a sample support letter on the OneWest website

Top banking regulator, Joseph Otting, announces departure during pandemic


Three advocacy groups, including the National Community Reinvestment Coalition and California Reinvestment Coalition, said Thursday that they would sue the OCC to block implementation of the new rule. The OCC “introduced new, gaping loopholes into the rules that will allow banks to reduce their focus on lower-income borrowers and communities,”

Community groups plan to sue OCC over CRA rule


“By moving forward despite an overwhelming majority of public commenters disagreeing with the framework put forth in the final rule, it is clear that the outcome was predetermined to fix the game in favor of the big banks to the detriment of communities and the spirit and intent of the law,” said Paulina Gonzelez-Brito, executive director of the California Reinvestment Coalition.