Rise Economy’s work is built on decades of solidarity between Jewish, Black, Asian and Brown communities, including Muslim Americans. Together we have picketed in anger, protested to ensure the voices of our community are heard, taken on financial institutions for redlining, sued the federal government, and demanded equity and change from bank regulators. We have built power and rejoiced in the solidarity that enabled our successes. 

That solidarity is based on the core belief that all people have the fundamental right to live and be supported in their quest for belonging and community.

As we learned of Hamas’ attack on southern Israel and as we watch the ongoing bombardment of Gaza by Israel, we grieve the same for the Palestinian lives lost as we do for the Israeli lives lost. It is our shared humanity that ensures that we refuse to put a hierarchy on human life.

It is in this spirit of our shared humanity that we call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

The attack against Gaza is a humanitarian crisis that must be stopped.  We must speak out against the atrocities being committed, where tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians, including thousands of children, have been killed, and cities and neighborhoods destroyed by U.S.-funded bombs. Our government cannot continue to fund this devastation.

It’s imperative that we use our voices and take action to bring an end to this unequal war. We cannot ignore that our tax dollars are funding the bombs raining down on Palestinians.  We are involved whether we like it or not, and we must not be silent. Silence in the face of the killing of tens of thousands can be interpreted as support.

It’s now 2024. This new year presents a long overdue opportunity to bring liberation for the oppressed and persecuted at home and abroad.