Get to know our new name and new look

A collage of new Rise Economy brand expression.

By Brian M. Maxey,
Chief of Communications

If you’re familiar with our work, then you might notice things look a bit different. Today, we’re launching our new name and visual identity, complete with a new logo and redesigned website. California Reinvestment Coalition is now Rise Economy. And, we couldn’t be prouder to reveal all we have been working on for the last several months.

Why Rebrand?

In 2020, we released a bold, community-centered strategic plan that laid out our mission to build a powerful movement for economic justice, one focused on knocking down the historical barriers Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities have faced to building generational wealth. This strategic plan helped us lean into who we’ve always been and the work we have always done — disrupt anti-Blackness, combat generations of systemic racial injustice and build economic resiliency while holding financial institutions accountable to meet the needs of BIPOC and low-or-moderate income (LMI) communities

We realized soon after we released the strategic plan that our brand needed to be as bold as our vision for the future.

Our work for nearly 40 years has focused on creating an equitable society where BIPOC communities have access to resources and opportunities to build generational wealth. Our new brand elevates our organizational ethos by communicating our history, our work and our values — both narratively and visually — like never before.

Our New Name and Tagline

Since 1986, our organization has risen to meet the moment. From the 2008 foreclosure crisis to the detention and deportation of immigrants under the administration of the 45th President of the United States to the brutal killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor in 2020 and the unequal distribution of PPP loans during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have worked to connect communities and organizations with resources, tools for disruption, and a statewide network for building relationships and creating systematic change.

The name, Rise Economy, is a reflection of who we are, what we believe and celebrates the work we have always done.

You’ll also notice our new tagline: “Resist. Reinvest. Rebuild.” The simple tagline represents the voice of the communities we fight for. It’s both an honest call to action and a reminder of our mission as an organization.An image of Rise Economy's color palette and logo usages.

Our Logo

While our original logo served us well for nearly 40 years, we wanted to create a visual identity that reinforced our mission and who we are today.

The original logo, with its neat borders and facile aesthetic, didn’t encapsulate our spirit. The Rise Economy logo, with its bold and active shape, is both confident and optimistic. You’ll notice the logo slopes upward slightly, figuratively rising. You’ll notice, too, that the shape is repeated throughout many pieces of our identity, including our website.

Our Color Palette

We set out to create a color palette that was approachable yet strong without feeling overbearing. Our new colors are modern, dynamic and optimistic with a nod to our legacy. We feature a deep purple, a poppy orange, a soft pink and a grounding black. While we’ve moved into a new color ecosystem with our brand, we brought two of our original colors (purple and orange) along for the ride, replacing the original blue as our primary color.

While our look and name may be different, we’re not changing who we are — we’re reflecting better who we have always been.

We hope you love our new name and our new look as much as we do. And if you believe in our mission and vision, please consider donating or becoming a Rise Economy member.