Rise Economy, formerly the California Reinvestment Coalition, is a member-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates for a categorically vital purpose: to create systemic change and economic justice for low-income and Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities in California by knocking down historical barriers to building generational wealth.

What We Do

We’re focused on creating equity for BIPOC and low-income communities by empowering grassroots leaders, advocating for progressive policies that foster social and economic justice, and collaborating with frontline groups for lasting change. As the largest statewide reinvestment alliance in the country, we mobilize a diverse coalition of California’s financial first responders that includes: Community Development Financial Institutions, small business technical assistance providers, legal services and fair housing agencies, and many others.

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Our Advocacy Areas

Public Banking

We champion a State Public Bank, local public banks, and universal consumer banking options, including advocating for the public banks of the East Bay and Los Angeles, CalAccount (the California Public Banking Option Act), and AB 857, the California Public Banking Act.

CRA Protections

Our campaigns not only ensure the federal Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) is protected but also work to improve it to better address redlining and race discrimination in lending. This includes an inititiative to establish a Califorina-specific CRA that would create new reinvestment obligations for state-chartered banks, credit unions, fintech companies and non-bank mortgage lenders to help the state develop more affordable housing and help meet the financial and credit needs of BIPOC communities.

Housing Justice

We work to put an end to housing discrimination, displacement, redlining and abuses at the hands of corporate landlords with campaigns such as LLC Ownership Transparency and the Stable Homes Act, which keep families housed and stops bad actors in the housing industry.

Banking Accountability

We work to secure and implement public, detailed, written commitments in the form of Community Benefit Agreements from banks when they merge to ensure that vulnerable, historically redlined and low-to-moderate communities are not left behind.

Green Futures

We produce data-centric research and launch corporate accountability and state policy campaigns designed to help mitigate climate change-related harm to vulnerable communities.

How We Build Economic Resilience

Community Benefit Agreements

Over the last five years, Rise Economy has helped negotiate Community Benefits Agreements with banks resulting in more than $160 billion in reinvestments for California communities. .

Economic Wellness Promotores Program

Patterned after the community health worker model, Rise Economy’s Economic Wellness Promotores Program provides intersectional financial wellness education in communities that have historically faced multiple barriers to achieving financial security.

Resilience Loan Fund

The Resilience Loan Fund brings together banks, foundations and other philanthropic partners to provide operating grants and forgivable loans or investments as a strategic solution to the capital deficit faced by emerging and aspiring BIPOC-led, nonprofit Community Development Financial Institutions.

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