Economic Justice, Regardless of Origin, is a Fundamental Right.

Rise Economy is leading the battle to build economic 
resilience within marginalized communities.


Years advocating for low-income communities and communities of color.


Billion in CRA investments over the last 5 years.


California counties served by Rise Economy and our members.


Rise Economy organizational members throughout the state.

Fighting systemic racism takes an alliance

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Low-income communities demand equal opportunity to develop and prosper
◆ Accountability
Banks MUST meet the credit needs of the communities they are located in
◆ Injustice
Paths to financial wealth and health have to be available to all
◆ Partnership
Partner with California communities to retake power from a racist system

Right the wrongs of institutional disenfranchisement

Become a Rise Economy member

Provide capital to BIPOC 
(Black, Indigenous and People of Color) entrepreneurs
Create sustainable, self-reliant communities
Advance entrepreneurship for women
Provide resources for immigrants
Build generational wealth within historically redlined communities

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Recent News

Rise Economy Issues Statement on Bank Lobbyists Lawsuit

The press release from the American Bankers Association, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Independent Community Bankers of America and other trade groups, on behalf of their banking and corporate members, announced a lawsuit challenging newly enacted Community Reinvestment Act rules that would result in increased support for affordable housing and small businesses in low-income communities. In…
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The Bank Rundown: January 2024

“If you are not at the table, you are on the menu.” By Kevin Stein, Chief of Legal and Strategy Who says Community Benefits commitments are just for big banks? CVCB creates a strong climate for community banks to serve their communities Rise Economy was pleased to end 2023 with a novel Community Benefits Commitment...
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Rise Economy Responds to the Release of the CFPB’s New  Overdraft Rule Proposal

In response to the new overdraft rule released today by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), which aims to restore balance between American families and big financial institutions and prevent consumers from losing money due to overdraft fees, Rise Economy Chief Executive Officer Paulina Gonzalez-Brito released the following statement:  “Overdraft fees disproportionately impact vulnerable consumers,…
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Who We
Work With

Low-income and BIPOC communities communities demand equal opportunity to develop and prosper

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Combating Generations of Systematic Injustice through Collaboration.

Rise Economy partners with Groups and Organizations to create lasting change.

Let’s accomplish the mission together:

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Step 1

Tell us about yourself, your community, or organization.

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Step 2

Let us know about the change you need to create and what’s blocking your community 
from success.

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Step 3

We’ll schedule a meeting between you and a Rise Economy Community Organizers to map out how we can make a greater impact together.

Meet the future of the economic justice movement.

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Since 1986, Rise Economy, formerly the California Reinvestment Coalition (CRC), has helped low-income and BIPOC communities fight redlining and achieve racial justice and equity in the form of financial services, investments, education, representation, and state and federal policy change.